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TVD Recap, "The House Guest" ... Things Just Got Real Awkward

Salvatore Boarding House
Stefan and Elena - I have to admit...watching Elena and Stefan being playful has to be a good thing. After all, Elena’s had way too much heavy stuff going on lately. I guess Stefan’s trying to keep her from ending up medicated. Glad she decided to give him “five minutes,” but yikes, Stefan’s gotta be confident in his abilities. Guess what Lexi said was right. (Ahem...moving on...)

Katherine and Damon - Damon seems to instantly know that’s Katherine (probably because he’s aware of what’s going on upstairs - that hearing’s a blessing and a curse). Stefan interrupts Katherine’s (very good) attempt at confusing Damon.

Here’s where I get confused - Stefan just spent the night with Elena and, unless I miss my guess, just indulged once again. She hasn’t been out of his sight until he went downstairs to check on Damon and Katherine. THIS is when he throws Elena against the wall so hard he’s actually hurting her? He couldn’t tell he was being intimate with Elena just a few minutes ago? That’s seriously twisted - I’ll come back to this later.

Katherine/Elena/Stefan/Damon - I must start by saying the effects are much improved over Memory Lane. Elena and Katherine both appear to be looking at each other - not air. Elena’s coming across as a little bit of a brat here. Love the fact that when Katherine steps closer to Elena, Damon follows.

Mystic Falls High
Matt and Caroline - It’s nice that these two have a moment of almost talking about their issues with Tyler. Matt leaves the ball in Caroline’s court. For once, he’s not the one tongue-tied about their relationship - she has to decide what’s going to happen.

Elena and Stefan - Wow, they still go to school? Elena is frustrated. She wants to get rid of Katherine. She doesn’t trust her. She knows Katherine said she was only back for Stefan. Elena isn’t fond of Katherine being a resident of the Salvatore house. Stefan tries to convince her that he can just stay at her house that night, but Elena’s already got a girl’s night planned. Maybe Katherine can come...that wouldn’t be awkward at all.

Salvatore Boarding House
Damon and the flamethrower - Damon’s nothing if not inventive. Trying to roast Elijah’s body doesn’t seem to be effective. Katherine visits and verifies that plan isn’t going to be effective. Damon asks the question I’ve been dying to know the answer to...did Katherine know he’d die if he used the dagger. Always one for self-preservation, Katherine scoots around that question and asks if he knew Elijah’s plan. When Damon points the flamethrower at her, she’s honest about one thing. Katherine always gets what she wants. Question is - what does she want right now? She does finally confess that she did know he’d die. She REALLY wanted out of that tomb.

Mystic Falls High
Stefan meets with Bonnie and Jeremy to warn them that Katherine’s got her Elena impression down to a science. Speaking of, he wants to meet with those skilled in the dark arts. Bonnie agrees to try to arrange a meeting with Daddy Warlock and Son. As it is time for class, Jeremy moves in for a kiss, but Bonnie ducks away. He points out that his sister is nowhere in sight, and Bonnie gives him a peck.

Alaric and Elena - Would this be a teacher/student conference or a parent/student conference? I’m going with quasi-parent/student meeting. Elena’s face when she finds out that Alaric gave up his ring is beyond perfect. She (and Jeremy) can’t lose another parent-figure. Alaric wants to let Jenna in on what’s going on, but he leaves the decision up to Elena. Yeah, like the girl doesn’t need any more pressure.

The Grill
Warlocks, Bonnie, and Stefan - Oh, this meeting isn’t at all uncomfortable. Stefan the peacemaker steps in again. We saw how well that went down with Tyler. Seems like it’s going just that well now.

Salvatore House
Damon’s doing a little light reading while trying to ignore Katherine. Unfortunately (or fortunately for those watching), Katherine doesn’t like to be ignored. She keeps pressing Damon’s buttons until has her pinned down on the piano bench (how did I not know they had a piano before). Katherine knows they’re looking for the site of the Great Witch Massacre. Stefan comes home and fills them in on the witch plot. They’re definitely going to need that burial ground.

Warlock Apartment

Daddy Warlock doesn’t trust the Salvatores or Katherine (probably a good call on that last one). He’s going to let Elijah kill them.

Gilbert House
Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, and random piece of product placement - They’re having trouble deciding what to eat and what movie to watch. Bonnie’s missing her powers. Caroline’s missing Matt. Elena’s missing having Katherine not in Mystic Falls. When Jenna arrives, she’s surprised Elena knows about the fight, but she wants to know if it is some kind of attempt to cheer her up.

Gotta point out that whenever a character reaches into the Gilbert fridge, I kind of cringe in fear.

I love the honest conversation between Caroline and Jenna. Caroline’s playing Devil’s Advocate, but she’s totally describing her issues with Matt. (By the way, are they drinking wine?)

Warlock Apartment

Time for man witch mystical arm wrestling powers. Luka’s going to go “visit” Elijah’s body.

Which leads us to....

Salvatore House
Damon senses something’s off. He turns and catches Katherine’s eye. She gives the best “What?” expression here. Luka keeps exploring the house while Katherine decides to explore the area over Damon’s shoulder. Oooohhh - Emily died on the same place the rest of the witches were killed. (If that’s part of Mystic Falls history, shouldn’t the head of The Council know where it is?)

Katherine’s hungry and heads down for a snack. Something’s off. She goes to investigate.

Stefan wants to know if Damon’s found anything. Love the silent conversation between the pair that contradicts Damon’s words. How far the brothers have come. I just wish we knew what he’d read that was so interesting.

Wow, that knife makes some kind of squeaky noise coming out of Elijah’s chest. I’m kind of weirded out that Luka can have a conversation with his dad while still fighting Katherine for control of the knife.

How far have we come this season? I may have screamed loudly when Katherine was staked. (I love Elena, but I LOVE Nina when she’s playing Katherine. I don’t want her to die being offed in some random act.)

Mom moment here - if my child just happened to be fighting a really old and powerful vampire for a knife (because that’s so realistic), that’s when I’d tell him it was time for his little field trip to be over. My words would not be - hey, stake her. Mom moment over. We can move along.

Damon’s come to Katherine’s rescue. He’s a little more inventive, and he likes his flamethrower. I don’t think he knew he was about to torch Luka since he sent Stefan to “go do something about it.” Daddy Warlock looks up some healing spell in the grimoire. Might want to make a mental note of this. I’m thinking this spell will be revisited.

Mystic Grill
For a place having money trouble, business seems to be really booming. Not only have the girls decided to visit, Alaric’s making his nightly stop. Jenna totally blows him off, or at least she tries to. She thinks she can handle anything. I do hope so. She’s not going to be in the dark for too long. Elena’s realized that keeping everyone in the dark can be just as damaging as underestimating them.

Caroline takes Elena’s words to heart - prompting her to jump onto the stage for one of the episodes only real lighthearted moments. (When she compelled the band dude, that was totally awesome. I love Caroline. Please let her make it to the end of the series.) Matt seems to get the message. Ignoring the crowd gathered around them, he leaps onto the stage and makes up (and makes out) with Caroline.

Warlock Central
Daddy Warlock is mad. Be afraid! He’s coming after Elena after taking Stefan to his knees. He tells Stefan he’s about to find out what killing Luka felt like. I’m a little muddy Jonas planning on killing Elena or just taking her to Klaus?

Salvatore House
In a moment of irony, Katherine is laying on the couch nursing her stomach wound (hey, now you know what Jenna felt like). Damon brings her a blood bag and a surprise. Stake! I didn’t say it was a good surprise. Damon likes to get even - that was for not telling him the stake would kill him.

He wants the truth.

Katherine fills him in. Uncle John agreed to help get Katherine out of the tomb in exchange for her help with Klaus. One of the Salvatores had to go, though. She chose to save Stefan. Ouch! Doesn’t seem to come as a total shock to Damon. (Poor guy, maybe it isn’t so bad that he’s messing around with Andie. At least she seems to really like him.)

The Grill
Elena decides to take a poorly timed bathroom break - oops, looks like the room’s already in use. Matt and Caroline are having a moment. Elena cuts Bonnie off before she interrupts our recently reunited couple. Elena seems so pleased at Matt and Caroline’s happiness that Bonnie decides it’s the perfect time to ask her about Jeremy.

Awww, Elena is perfectly fine with Bonnie and Jeremy being together. Somehow, I think Elena’s just given one of the two the kiss of death. Neither of them have good track records with romantic partners.

Stefan calls Elena, but it is too loud and she has to go outside(?). Damon heads out to help Stefan, but Katherine has a plan (and it is really a pretty good one). Bonnie faces off with Jonas and refuses to tell him where Elena has gone. Now, I know the residents of Mystic Falls don’t seem to mind the mounting body count in the town, but I’d think they’d find all the lamps EXPLODING to be a little odd. I’d run, but that’s just me.

Stefan and Katherine find Caroline. Their plan needs one more vampire.

Alaric successfully gets Jenna out of the Grill. How does Alaric know Stefan’s there? Did we miss a phone call?

Matt finds Bonnie crumpled on the floor and carries her out as “Elena” pleads with Jonas. Stefan is either doing a really good job of acting here or the lines between Katherine and Elena are continuing to blur for him. He pulls Katherine from the room as if he were protecting Elena. I’m thinking Kat can handle herself....

Oh my gosh, I didn’t know how much I loved Caroline and Matt until this scene started. I was beyond worried that one of them wasn’t going to make it out. No one is allowed to do away with Caroline.

We now enter the shortest section of the show I’ve ever seen. What’s with two minutes between commercial breaks?

Caroline’s up. Interesting that she has to work to control her bloodlust before she can save Matt (who, at this time, is looking like he’d rather die than be hanging out with Caroline going all veiny on him).

Gilbert House
Jeremy and Bonnie - Whew, the drama of the night is over. Time for some tea. Wait, who’s at the door?

Stefan and Katherine arrive. Have they looked around the house? Katherine (as Elena) is so very in charge here. She’s still acting like Elena, but Dr. Martin forgot that Katherine looks JUST LIKE the person he’s looking for. Katherine attacks kills Jonas. Bonnie leans in to close his eyes. Yikes! Not quite dead yet. Stefan snaps Jonas’ neck as Katherine steps on his throat.

And, we’re back to commercials. See, I told you this section was short.

Elena and Damon arrive at Elena’s house. They’re in agreement, following a plan of Katherine’s is never a good idea. Stefan and Katherine come downstairs. Katherine snaps Elena’s necklace as she pulls it off to return - for just an instant, there seems to be a hint of something in Elena’s face. (The girl’s gotta be wondering how her necklace made it back from when Elijah ripped it off her). Stony looks are exchanged between Damon and Stefan. Elena just wants Katherine out of the house, and she makes sure Stefan hears her. Elena, um, Katherine really did just do you a favor. Can you at least talk to her? Katherine admits she doesn’t like Elena either. Katherine looks pointedly at Damon, if anyone’s going to believe her, they need to understand that Katherine needs Elena alive, so she’s not a threat.

What is it with the Gilbert porch? Alaric’s confession was so heart-felt. Come on, Elena. Tell your aunt what’s going on. Jenna makes the understatement of the century...tonight was very weird.

Jeremy tries to talk Bonnie through her disappointment at losing any hope of getting her powers back. She has a surprise for him. Jonas gave them back.

Damon’s bedroom
Katherine bounces onto Damon’s bed. He keeps reading. She wants to talk about Emily. She doesn’t believe that he doesn’t know where Emily died - he was focused on Emily since she was the key to getting Katherine back out of the tomb.

But enough about that...

Katherine climbs up the bed discussing Damon’s earlier actions. He hurt her. He was mean - a monster...and she liked it. As he opens his mouth to kiss her, well, this happens....

Caroline’s house
Caroline and Matt - So sad. She’s hoping Matt will understand, but she’s forgotten something. A vampire killed his sister. Matt goes totally berserk when he finds out that vampires are real, and Caroline is one. He makes the wrong assumption that Caroline’s the one who attacked Vickie.

Gilbert kitchen
Jenna and Elena share some ice cream as the doorbell rings. Elena, quick, Jenna’s about to answer the door. You must run and stop her! Definitely....Jenna doesn’t need to be answering the door right now. That’s Isobel (looking pretty worn out, what’s she been up to in her quest to stop Klaus?).... Alaric just told Jenna that Isobel’s dead. I don’t think this is going to end well, but we aren’t going to know any time soon.

Final thoughts:

I stand by my earlier theory. I believe Damon accidentally compelled Elena that Stefan “deserved her” as part of his “Rose confession.” Elena has just been too forgiving of Stefan of late - even when he truly deserved her ire. (Really, Elena, he almost choked you after he’d just had sex with you. If he couldn’t tell you weren’t Katherine then....his ability to distinguish one from the other is really, really blurring.)

As a result of this theory, Elena’s really fighting a battle with herself. She NEEDS to believe Stefan, but she’s not comfortable having him in such close contact with Katherine.

The ease he’s able to function with Katherine makes me think he’s not as over her as he thinks. Not only did he trust her enough to find Isobel (well, John), but he sided with Katherine during the arguments this week.
Damon really is over Katherine. He might have slept with Rose and Andie recently, but when Katherine offers herself to him, he refuses while physically pushing her away.

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  1. I used to watch the show, but then the time was changed, without me realizing that's why it wasn't on any more, and I never got into it again. Oh well.