Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shipper Wars - Love is a Battlefield

Ahh....shipper wars. Those two words can strike fear into the heart of the most experienced moderator - or they can at least lead to a really desperate need for Tylenol and a nap.

I'll admit it. The "shipper stuff" is probably my least favorite part of dealing with fandom. I don't mind "squee." I love watching the unfulfilled chemistry that exists between Damon and Elena. I also think that as she's dealing with all this heavy stuff of recent days, she needs an anchor, and for now that's Stefan.

I love Elena's relationship with both brothers - but for different reasons. I've noticed many fans don't share my point of view, and that's okay.

In the pilot, Stefan makes the comment that Elena's relationship with Matt lacked passion.

That's something the TVD fandom is certainly not lacking to any degree. I've watched them work together to trend topics important to the actors and the general fandom. I witnessed first hand the excitement surrounding a cast appearance when I was lucky enough to go to the Frisco Hot Topic tour where Ian Somerhalder and Candice Accola. There, among the hundreds of frenzied fans (who waited in line for HOURS), I never heard an argument. Team Damon, Team Stefan, Team Matt (Davis), Team Elena were all represented.

Did they argue?


Everyone was just excited to be there. To pass the time we talked about favorite episodes, when we started watching the show, if anyone else we knew watched. We also discussed other books and what we did in our "real" lives.

We had a good time - no matter who we hope Elena ends up with. That's my dream for the fandom. We all have a starting point...we like the same show. Is getting along really that difficult?

Discussing a show shouldn't turn into a battlefield. There isn't an "us" or a "them." It's a "we."

We are fans.

We are excited.

We are incredibly bored during this hiatus.

When fans turn against each other, there are no winners...just a lot of confusion and hurt feelings.

I could ramble on for a very long time about this topic, but I think Crissy Calhoun said it best in a recent interview I read. I'll let her close this post off.

Damon tolerates Stefan being with the woman he loves, and Stefan tolerates his brother being in love with his girlfriend, because they are brothers and they love and respect each other — I would love to see that sentiment echoed in the fandom.
- Crissy Calhoun (as interviewed by @entertainocd )

Drat - I've tried four times, and I can't get the link to this interview to post. Erin (@entertainocd) has an incredible blog. Please go visit it. I can't link to it, but she has a link from her Twitter profile. Thanks!

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  1. lovely entry. I wish I can love both brothers, but I can't.

    And I agree that shippers' war is really unnecessary and is a waste of our enegry or passion towards the show.

    Let's hope the war goes away.