Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SCBWI - First Impressions

Well, I'd really intended to live-blog...or at least do some type of end of day wrap-up, but that's before I realized that my laptop and the hotel's wi-fi didn't really play well together.

So....I'm going to be doing a SCBWI in review of sorts.  I'll hit the high points, the iffy points, and I'll do a brief (yes, I read the note about not posting too much of any author's presentation) summary of a few of my favorite classes.

First, I'm amazed I made it at all.

I arrived in LA less than 24 hours after my dad's funeral.  I knew I wasn't totally "with it" in regard to preparing to go, and I'd soon be proven correct.  I forgot:
- my jacket (totally necessary in LA for this Texan).
- socks (kind of important when a Disney trip is planned).
- any type of spiral or paper for taking notes (totally unlike me.  I have a spiral for every event).

But as we walked along the Santa Monica beach, I knew what I forgot wasn't what mattered.  I was there.  I made it. I'd kept my commitment to myself and that's what was important.