Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daddy Issues Recap

Okey dokey - due to the iceopocalypse last week, my typical viewing (or re-viewing) schedule was disrupted.

I didn’t want to totally skip commenting on “Daddy Issues,” though. So here we go...short, sweet, but making a few points. (And, I’m going from memory here - I may miss a few things.)

First, I have to say that I wasn’t prepared to enjoy this episode. I haven’t really been “into” the whole werewolf plotline this season, and I also really dislike Uncle John. Put the two things together, and I was ready to kind of write this one off.

I’ve never been so pleased to be wrong.

Tyler/Caroline.... Tyler, Tyler, Tyler - you’re so wrapped up in what you’re going through, you’re totally not looking at the bigger picture. Caroline stayed with you for the entirety of the most difficult night of your life. She lied when you killed someone. She could totally be ripping your heart out right now - but she is choosing not to. You could learn some anger management skills from your friend.

Damon in the shower - breathe in...breathe out

Damon in a towel - this is a different scene, right? Other than just repeating the fact that Damon is just wearing a towel, I think we have a HUGE glimpse of Damon’s inner struggle here. I’ve seen several comments about Elena pushing Damon beyond what he’s ready for, but watching him as he looks at Jessica’s picture on the news.... For the first time, I think he feels remorse for killing someone. He’s accustomed to killing with abandon, but now he’s questioning his actions.

Uncle John/Elena/Jenna/Alaric - much chatter, angst. Elena doesn’t like having UJ here. UJ doesn’t trust Elena. Wow, poor Jenna. She’s been in the dark about the supernatural stuff, but being hit by the “this guy’s my father card” - whoa.

Damon/Stefan - Stefan, you seriously need to listen to your brother. I’m not sure if bringing UJ into the picture was the best idea. Honestly, I could listen to these two banter all day long. The brother dynamic is one of my absolute favorite parts of the show.

Interesting side note - I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Elena pushing Damon too hard... He brings up the “I’m evolving” thing with Stefan.

Stefan/Caroline - Caroline is scared. She calls Tyler her friend. I think this makes his later indecision even harder to take.

Tyler/Jules - they’re werewolves. They talk. Moving on....

Damon/Elena - for me, this is one of the best DE scenes of the episode - if not the season. Damon, without Elena really saying anything to prompt it, asks Elena how she’s doing with the whole UJ thing. He is truly concerned for her. He’s also the first one to bring up the “I’m a good guy now” topic. Yes, Elena will later force him to act on those words, but he mentioned them to her first.

Jules/Brady - werewolf kisses

Stefan/Tyler - Stefan vamps out when he holds Tyler against the wall. My question...is he struggling with control or showing Tyler that he can be really scary if he wants to be?

Memorial Service - Mrs. Mayor Lockwood, UJ, Jeremy, Bonnie, Daddy Witch all in attendance

Alaric/Jenna - I pointed out the irony of Jenna’s niece being her sister’s brother’s daughter as well as her boyfriend’s wife’s daughter in my fanfic. (Christmas Day - Elena’s explaining her feelings for Damon to Jenna in “Bittersweet.”) Just had to point that out.... I think Jenna is going to feel beyond betrayed when she realizes that even Alaric was lying to her.

Stefan/Tyler - they talk some more. Actually, Stefan makes a lot of sense, but in typical Tyler fashion, he totally doesn’t hear what Stefan is saying and ends up acting like Stefan’s torturing him or something when Jules happens to call.

Damon/Elena - Drat the dark lighting. Is Elena holding onto Damon’s arm when they’re walking into the Grill? I’ve rewatched several times, and I just can’t tell. It almost looks like it....but I digress. They look very “couple-y” here. Elena has a level of comfort with Damon that UJ totally picks up on.

Damon/UJ - Damon telling UJ about the vervain thing will either really come back to haunt him or (if UJ is actually one of the good guys in this) is likely the reason that UJ seems to trust him later in the episode. It’s one thing for Stefan to be consuming vervain as a way to keep free from compulsion (and help protect Elena) - he’s her boyfriend. But for Damon to be subjecting himself to the same pain...that speaks volumes of his dedication to Elena (and just not wanting to be compelled in general). This brings up an interesting topic - Damon’s been very emotional lately. We also saw Stefan momentarily "go vamp" when he had Tyler pinned to the wall. Think that has anything to do with being moderately weakened by the vervain? Just a thought.... Moving on...

Matt/Caroline - Don’t hate me...I just can’t get emotionally invested in Matt/Caroline or Tyler/Caroline...sorry.

Caroline/Jules/Brady - OUCH!

- Sorry, can’t really watch the torture. I adore Caroline’s strength. Even through everything she’s going through, she doesn’t tell about Stefan or Damon.

Stefan/Tyler - more chatter. Stefan truly has the patience of a saint, but I don't think Tyler's listening to a word he has to say. I’m not sure about the “building a family” comment. I think this may be where we have a 150+ year old vampire dating a 17 year old. I don’t think Elena’s ready to go there quite yet.

Damon/Elena - I love this bathroom scene too. Elena’s honestly just echoing Damon’s comments to him, but the emotional level is really intense. I don’t think she even realized she’d grabbed his arm until he pointed it out.

Ok, this is the only time I like UJ. I loved the looks they exchanged when UJ walked it. It totally looked as if something else was going on in the bathroom. Damon’s “ground your daughter” lines was one of my favorites of the whole episode.

Vamps vs. Werewolves
- Boy, there are a lot of werewolves. Loved Damon’s heart snatch. Stefan got to use a flamethrower again. TYLER! What on earth are you doing? Damon and Stefan are BOTH willing to risk their lives for Caroline at this moment and you can’t decide if you’re going to open the cage? REALLY? Caroline stayed with you when you could have KILLED her, and you totally won’t even open the door?

Oh no, the boys are DOWN! Someone has to help them. I know they shot scenes for later in the season, but still. I’m a little stressed.

Caroline’s out, but Jules is holding a gun to her head. Umm...Tyler, this is your cue. Tell Jules to let her go since Caroline’s his friend. Once again, he just stands there.

Daddy Witch - I totally didn’t expect him to come in and save our fanged friends. Woo hoo! Why is Tyler still standing, though? Was he part of Elena’s deal? Hmmm....

Stefan/Caroline - and they’re having a heartfelt conversation on a porch. Truly, I might not care about Matt/Caroline or Tyler/Caroline, but I could totally ship Stefan/Caroline. Their relationship is built on friendship first...it’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold.

Damon/UJ - Interesting that UJ comes to Damon, not Stefan. Of course, UJ has been watching the interaction between Damon and his daughter all day. Oh, I want this to truly be the key to killing Klaus. I don’t want it to be the key to getting Damon very dead.

Caroline/Matt/Mirror - all I can say is ouch. Toothpick torture? Who thinks of these things?

UJ/Elena - Ummm, no. Go with your instincts Elena. DO NOT WEAR THE BRACELET. No way is that thing not charmed.

Caroline/Tyler - Tyler totally deseved every word she said to him.

Elena/Stefan - I love that Elena remembers Caroline’s issue, even if Stefan’s the one who planned the slumber party. (Hey Stefan, I think a slumber party would have been an excellent idea after the whole ordeal at the masquerade party. You know, Elena wasn’t really feeling her best then.)

Wolfie RV - Tyler came. He saw. He drank. He spilled news about the moonstone. Can’t wait for Jules and Brady to see Elena....

Slumber party - Oh, so sweet. I’ve missed seeing the girls hang out together. Stefan and Elena look a little uncertain as they exchange their I love yous...

Damon’s bubble bath - It’s really sad that Damon’s still in crisis mode - at least he’s not alone anymore. I think Andie’s very wise here. As much as Damon might be wanting to blame Elena for pushing him to be something he doesn’t want to be, it’s too late. He’s already tipped past the point of no return. He may want to be the bad guy, but he’s a bad guy with a conscience now...and that’s probably only making him more conflicted right now. Yes, he snacks on Andie after compelling her not to be afraid of him, but after she gets used to it, she doesn’t seem to be totally against the idea of being a snack.

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  1. I so loved what Andie said to him," That love changes you and maybe this is the person he is now. That so rings true. Plus I believe it was something that Damon needed to hear.