Friday, July 13, 2012

Recently Read: Code Name Verity

I'll admit I'm pressed for time right now.  As much as I'd love to give a really thorough review of this excellent (albeit, very unique) book...right now, I'm up to my ears in things to do.  (Making the fire ants that are trying to take over my house find somewhere else to seek shelter from the heat is at the very top of the list.)

So...I'm cheating right now.  I'm copying and pasting my short Goodreads review here.

I promise I'll be back to fill in more details, but I just couldn't wait to share about this book.

I'm going to have to keep this one vague simply because there's little too discuss that won't really give away too much of the overall plot.

First things first, though, this is NOT a happy and cheerful book. Yes, there are happy moments...times that will make a reader laugh and smile - but most of it isn't light. Most of the book is actually pretty heavy, but that's understandable since this is a book about World War II.

I can't even say if the ending's happy or not, but I will say that it is a very honest ending based on the plot of the rest of the book.

Did I enjoy it? Yes.

Have I read another book that's very similar? No.

Do I think this will someday end up on (probably high school) reading lists? Almost definitely.

As soon as I finished the book, I passed it on to my daughter to read. That's about the best I can do as far as recommending it.

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