Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Blog Post about....Blogging

SCBWI is drawing closer.  With it, the realization that I'm about to be pitching Here They Lie to people who actually make decisions as to whether or not I'll see "my baby" in print is becoming even more exciting - and slightly frightening.

So, what's an author to do?

Read tons of advice blogs, of course.

Establish a platform.  Blog.  Tweet.  Retweet.  Build a tribe. 

Ok.  I can tweet.  I can clarify my platform.  I even have my elevator pitch ready to go.

But blog?


I'm supposed to write a blog about...writing?

First things first, I love to write.  That's why I wore out one Macbook and I'm on my second. (The guys at the Genius Bar had never seen a Mac with all the letters rubbed off the keys before.)

I like to blog - especially when it involves books I've read or TVD episodes I've watched.

But write about writing?

I love to read blog posts from industry professionals or the really "big" writers out there. I think they have really valuable information to share - or they're at least seriously amusing.

I just know that there's a lot of internet noise out there.

Plenty of places where an author (or reader) can while away hours.

Right now, I'm just not sure if what I have to say about writing is really worth too much of anyone's time.

So, you might see the occasional writing post here.  And, I'll soon be posting an update about how Reese and Colton are doing.  (Hopefully, now you're asking yourself just who Reese and Colton are - the answer isn't my kids.)  I expect to post my review of Code Name Verity next week.

Until then, let's just celebrate that TVD Season 4 starts filming today.

See y'all later!  Thanks for visiting!


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