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Katerina Recap

In the interest of my sanity (and keeping this as short as I can), I’m calling Katherine “Kat” throughout. I’ve also cut most of the Bonnie/Jeremy/Luka scenes.

Baby scene – No wonder Elijah thought Kat’s line ended with her…back then, babies out of wedlock were not common. Cool opening scene. Kat’s dad was so heartless. No wonder she started in with the “I can only trust myself” thing.

Salvatore house – whoa, you can tell just by the knock that Elena is not pleased. I’ve seen some questions about why was Elena so ticked off at Damon after the “thank you” after the rescue. I don’t think she’s mad at him specifically – just the situation. She’s trying to distance herself, and she just keeps getting pulled in over and over again. Interesting that Stefan keeps attempting to minimize what Rose is saying. He seems to be attempting to keep Elena from freaking out, but I really think that’s backfiring on him.
Elena’s comment about remembering where the school is…ouch! I know she doesn’t want to be babied, but I don’t know if she was annoyed at Stefan’s contradictions of Rose’s story or if she was simply venting.

Elena/Caroline in woods – Interesting that Elena has assigned Caroline to keep Stefan occupied. Funny that Elena called in the “girlfriend code.”

Katherine/Elena/Caroline – Caroline doesn’t seem overly pleased with Elena’s plan, but I’m happy Elena doesn’t back down here. She’s really thought this through.

Katherine/Elena – Elena’s like a Girl Scout – girl’s prepared – she has her blanket, lantern, reading material and snacks. Much more cutthroat Elena than we’ve seen in the past – this is obviously the Elena who was the high school cheerleader. I’ve always wondered where she was hiding out.

She’s not taking any chances, though. Using a stick to push the cup was cool. She knows how to make Kat talk… (I have to put a note in here about how creepy Kat looked here. I’d totally never have guessed that both of these characters are actually the same actress.)

This show loves parallels. I think it is interesting that Kat’s line continued because she had a baby out of wedlock….Elena was born out of wedlock as well.

Based on her retelling, Kat met Klaus in London. (I know several have mentioned the “is Elijah Klaus thing,” but I think Kat has actually met Klaus. Elijah is in the flashback – I think they’re different people.

Rose/Damon – Based on Rose’s comments about Damon being in love with Elena, I’m thinking there’s a scene that was cut that we’ve missed here – either that or being 500 years old makes you VERY intuitive. I’m leaning toward a scene that was cut or shortened.

Caroline/Stefan – interesting that Caroline distracts Stefan with a true story. I think she is worried because she told Tyler about who she is. Damon told her not to. That’s not going to go down well when he finds out she revealed herself.

Kat/Elena – Elena mispronounces Petrova, but Kat says it correctly. Nice way to add distinction between the characters. I wouldn’t have expected a teenager raised in Virginia to be able to pronounce it correctly without working on the pronunciation.

Rose/Damon/Slater – Damon doesn’t seem to realize Rose is WAY more powerful than he is. He’s used to threatening people to get his way. Unfortunately, that’s not going to work with Rose. Thankfully, Rose seems willing to help Damon. I still can’t figure out why, though. LOVE Slater… Cool that he’s the walking vampire encyclopedia. He’s who tipped Rose and Trevor off. What is it with Mystic Falls, though? It seems that some odd convergence is getting ready to happen. We have the werewolves, Katherine, the Bennett family, Luka’s family, etc…. There’s more to the story here. Even Elijah referenced the town last week, I feel like I’m not making a connection that I should be able to see.

Rose/Trevor/Kat (flashback)- Surprised that Rose inadvertently turned Kat while trying to heal her. Trevor reminds me of pre-vamp Damon, which, I think is why Rose helps Damon now. He’s so in love with her that he doesn’t care that she’s using him. Kat hung herself…didn’t expect that.

Kat/Elena – Kat offers to turn Elena because it was the same choice she made. The HUGE personality difference between Elena and Katherine is so evident here. Kat will use anyone (and destroy anyone) to keep herself alive. Elena’s going to take the other route.

Caroline/Stefan – Caroline is stuffing her face to stop “those killing some people urges” – too funny. Stefan is sooo interesting when interacting with Caroline. “You have a friend?” I’d already thought to myself how much Caroline and Lexie reminded me of each other. Glad Stefan agrees with me.

Bonnie/Luka/Luka’s Dad – yes, they’re warlocks - not a very subtle intro. I’m not sure about Luka here. The dad’s definitely evil…my jury’s still out on Luka.

Slater/Damon/Rose – Coffee shop meeting. Interesting that they have a vampire “Craig’s List.” How cool is Elijah? He makes change…

Caroline/Stefan – I KNEW the first place Stefan would go was the “she’s with Damon” route. He’s still insecure about the Elena/Damon thing. Just like their conversation post-saving-Damon from the fire, Stefan can’t move past the potential of Elena falling for his brother. I even mentioned this potential issue on the DE general thread earlier in the week. I see this as a major stumbling block if the SE relationship gets back on track. Stefan is going to have to deal with his insecurity about Damon and Elena.
ILOVE Caroline having Elena’s back. Even though she cares about Stefan’s friendship, Elena was her friend first, and her word to Elena takes priority.

Kat/Elena – Elena puts the pieces together. She realizes how many of her friends are in danger. Cool that she counts Tyler as a friend even though they don’t interact much, but she has grown up with the guy.

There’s NO WAY the curse is as simple as just letting vampires walk in the sun. Just like we discovered Damon’s plan to get Kat out of the tomb didn’t just save Katherine, there has to be more to the spell. I still think there’s an entire subplot we don’t know about yet. By the end of the reveal, we realize Tyler, Bonnie, Caroline, and Elena are all involved. (I’m thinking Bonnie is part of the sacrifice, not just the witch needed to perform the spell.) Kat’s line – better you than me. She’s still hoping providing all the elements to undo the spell will keep her alive.

Elena/Kat/Stefan – Stefan figured out where Elena is. Watching Stefan trying so hard to convince Elena not to believe Kat is really touching. Kat’s right – being in protective mode is such a part of Stefan’s make up. That’s a problem for Elena, though since Elena doesn’t want to watch Stefan die. It would be easier for her to be the one to make the sacrifice rather than being forced to see her friends and family killed to get to her.

Flashback – Help me, I’m feeling sorry for Kat. Klaus killed all Kat’s family.

Kat/Stefan/Elena – One lesson we’ve learned from Rose’s story combined with Kat’s … you can’t escape Klaus. Your friends, family, everyone will die so he can get to you. You can see Elena’s face hardening here. Elena has no plans for putting anyone else in danger to keep herself safe.

Kat is SO smart. She doesn’t want out. She’s safe in the tomb. As we get a glimpse at Elena before the scene ends, it seems clear that she is getting ready for a well-deserved breakdown.

Damon/Rose. Damon’s drinking straight out of the decanter. Rose is using reverse psychology here. Why does she seem to be trying to talk Damon into dealing with his feelings for Elena? Does she have regrets for never acting on her feelings for Trevor? Interesting line from Damon - Caring gets you dead.
Rose offers to flip the switch if Damon will too…more on this later.

Elena/Stefan – The girl totally can’t unlock doors when she’s upset. Remember the van door earlier in the season? This porch scene reminds me SO much of “Lost Girls” last season when Elena said she couldn’t be with Stefan. She’s finally having her nervous breakdown. She has no one else to blame for the danger to her friends and family than herself. (Actually, I blame whoever did the curse in the first place.)

Rose/Damon - A lot has been said about their chemistry, or lack thereof, but that’s not Rose’s purpose. She’s there to show him the level of his feelings for Elena. Casual hook-ups aren’t working for him now. For whatever reason, she’s there to force Damon to realize he’s NOT going to be able to move on. His feelings for Elena are too intense. He’s not going to be able to accept the “distant guardian” role.

Elijah/Slater – whoa, an original can compel a vamp.

Luka’s dad – how did I know he’d be working for Elijah? I don’t think they need just any witch to break the spell. Just like they need a Petrova, they need a Bennett.

My commentary:
-This episode raised as many questions as answers. Where did Kat’s baby go? (Please don’t say with a Gilbert.) Why is Rose so concerned with Damon’s relationship with Elena? What does Luka’s dad have to gain from unlocking the curse?
-Why is everyone converging in Mystic Falls?
-Ooooh , interesting promo. I think the “Elena’s against the wall” scene could be the one Nina was attempting not to reference during her MTV interview. When Elena realizes she has feelings for Damon, she’s initially going to be conflicted…I think we witnessed that scene in the promos.

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