Thursday, November 25, 2010


Can you hear the crickets?

Yep, I just realized how long it has been since I've really taken a minute to sit down and blog. I have few excuses, although, I've quickly discovered being a theater mom seems to take up way more time than being a dance mom. I have to say, though, that Miss M had one of the most gorgeous Gertrude costumes I've ever seen - even if I was the one to make it.

The kids are out on break. That translates roughly into - hey, let's see how many doctors we can see in one week's time. On Friday, we're making a trip to a homestead farm. Can't wait to play with the goats!

I was reading Fallen - until I misplaced it. Hopefully, I'll be back to reading it again soon. I enjoyed the first several chapters. It really wasn't what I expected it to be...and I like that.

Finally, this is Thanksgiving morning, my time is at a premium so this entry will be short. I've ended up doing a fanfiction for NaNo instead of my original story. Miss M got sick and it lasted for 2 weeks. I can absently write fanfic, but working on my real story takes a little more brain power. I'm really pretty proud of the fanfic. I've never done a story quite like this before, and I think it really stretched me a lot outside my comfort zone.

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