Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Musings somewhere along the way of my recap...I hit a plot bunny. Although, since I’m not writing fanfic, I think you’d call this a recap bunny. Blame the jogging club annoying me and making my train of thought veer off somewhere around the next state, but I couldn’t keep concentrating on the episode - and my mind went to my favorite scene.

Which isn’t what you think.

I still love my hospital scenes...or even just Damon carrying Elena scenes . I started thinking about this week’s episode and what I hope to see coming out of the Stefan and Elena confrontation - and I wondered if there would be any reason for Damon to scoop Elena into his arms - and then I stopped.

Hey, I have a thing for Damon carrying Elena. But so do the writers.

We’ve seen Damon pick her up in Bloodlines, The Sun Also Rises, and The Reckoning. Each time, Damon’s getting Elena out of harm’s way.

How about Stefan?


I couldn’t think of any, so I went to the most reliable source of TVD information I could think of....Twitter. I wanted to know if Stefan has ever carried Elena if he wasn’t making out with her. So I asked for help. I’m followed by quite a few fans of all ships - no dice. Stefan has never been the one to pull Elena from danger - or at least not where she’s been out cold. He tried to trade places with Jenna, but that’s about all I can come up with.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Stefan has saved Damon at least three times - Founder’s Day, As I Lay Dying, Homecoming.

I thought about that. And then I thought about Blood Brothers (I think). I started thinking about the brothers’ reactions on their awakening as vampires.

Damon wanted to die rather than be separated from Katherine.

Stefan couldn’t face the loss of his brother.

The two brothers are driven by very different kinds of love.

Stefan found his humanity when faced with the potential loss of his brother.

Damon found his as his love for Elena has grown.

I’m not certain if this has any foreshadowing as far as endgame or if my random musings have any validity at all, but I don’t think the writers do anything without a plan. The fact that Stefan has saved Damon time and time again has to mean something - so does the fact that Damon is always the one to be Elena’s true knight in shining armor.

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